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ROCK VILLAGE has various types of accommodation facilities such as cottages, which are managed with 100% natural energy, nomadic tents, and easygoing campsites. We hope you enjoy meeting with the local people and other travellers at the village while feeling nice breezes and being embraced by a dynamic starry sky. BEACH ROCK VILLAGE is also open for those who would like to make a personalized trip while using the village as a hub, for which we also provide information about wonderful spots in the surrounding areas other than around the village itself.

Please make a reservation in advance by email: [email protected]


GUIDANCE ~Please read before you make a reservation~

Ø  Since BEACH ROCK VILLAGE is situated in bountiful nature, please understand that insects may enter the rooms--though we will make our utmost effort to alleviate such a situation.

Ø  Bars are open at night. Therefore, it may be bustling until they close at midnight.

Ø  Since we operate restaurants in the village, we generally ask for your patience and understanding in not bringing in food and beverages.

Ø  With the saying “Ichariba Choude,” meaning “We are all brothers as we encounter” in Okinawa’s dialect, all the staff members are trying to act flexibly and in a friendly and family-like manner.

Ø  Please make a reservation by email. Cancellations will not be accepted after the booking is made. In the event of any cancellation, we will charge 50% of the accommodation fee as a cancellation charge.



Rates are per person, per night, and are inclusive of two meals and the consumption tax.

No charge for children of primary school age or younger. Half rate prices are applied to children from 6 to 12 years old.


Regular Season

(Periods other than mentioned on the right)


4/29~5/6, 8/1~9/30, 12/23~1/3



(Except 12/23~1/3)


Tipa (Single)





Tipi (Single)





Nature Cottage

(Shared room)










Ø  Check-in:15:00 / Check-out: 11:00

Ø  Breakfast: 8:00~10:00 / Dinner:19:00

Ø  Café is available for lunch.

Ø  Shared toilets, shower, and laundry facilities.

Ø  We may ask you to move to other accommodations in the event that a typhoon is approaching.



Tipa (Gigantic Nomadic Tent / Private)

This popular gigantic yurt-based tent has a very spacious room equipped with the amenities of a guest room, and it incorporates the original arts. It is suitable for couples, families, and a group of friends who would like to share a room.

Ø  Capacity: 3 people (Please consult us if you are a group of 4 or more)

Ø  Equipped with beds, air conditioner, electric fan, lights, and electric outlets

Ø  Basic amenities and towels are available

Ø  Breakfast and dinner are served in a cottage


Indian Tipi (Indian-Style Small Tent)

This conic Indian-style tent has been covered with wooden flooring so that you can sleep on a futon mat. It is suitable for couples, a group of 2~3 friends, and families.

Ø  Capacity: 3 people (Please consult us if you are a group of 4 or more)

Ø  Equipped with beds, air conditioner, electric fan, lights, and electric outlets

Ø  Basic amenities and towels are available

Ø  Breakfast and dinner are served in a cottage


Nature Cottage (Shared Lodge)

This cottage is situated in the best location overlooking Kaze-no-Tani (Valley of the Wind) with the terrace commanding panoramic views of subtropical forests. Please enjoy the comfortable atmosphere, and enjoy new encounters as you are embraced by the warmth of the woods and the sun. You can also stay in a group of close friends.

It is a dormitory-type cottage where visitors stay in a shared room. In principle, men and women stay in separate rooms.

Ø  Capacity: 3 people (Please consult us if you are a group of 4 or more)

Ø  Equipped with beds, air conditioner, electric fan, lights, and electric outlets

Ø  Basic amenities and towels are available

Ø  Breakfast and dinner are served in a cottage


Tent Village (Private Mini Tent)

 Installed in a campsite filled with a sense of art, Tent Village is popular among backpackers as well as long-stay travellers.

Ø  Up to 2 people can stay in a tent

Ø  Sleeping bags and mats are offered free of charge

Ø  Self catering in the campsite (We prepare the food for cooking)


One of the features of BEACH ROCK VILLAGE is a café bar using plenty of home-grown fruits and vegetables, along with fresh local products. You can enjoy the meals at various places in the village such as Tree Terrace Café, Tent Bar, Open Terrace, and Sofa Lounge. It is also available to one-day visitors.

[Hours of Operation] Café time: 12:00~18:00 / Bar time: 18:00~24:00


Tree Terrace Café

 This popular terrace commands a panoramic view of the sky, sea, and forests of Okinawa. Please enjoy pizza and coffee in the sunlight through the foliage and nice breeze.

[Hours of Operation] 12:00~17:00


Tent Bar

In a gigantic tent, designed for a bar, it offers a wide selection of alcoholic drinks that include various kinds of beers and rums from around the world, along with Awamori—Okinawa’s rice-made liquor that is produced at all of the 48 distilleries both inside and outside Okinawa Prefecture. Please have a pleasant evening at this place alive with alcohol, music, and smiles.

 [Hours of Operation] 18:00~24:00


Open Terrace & Sofa Lounge

 Open Terrace commands grand landscapes, while Sofa Lounge offers a relaxed atmosphere. They are illuminated at night to create a mysterious atmosphere.

[Hours of Operation] Café time: 12:00~18:00 Bar time: 18:00~24:00


Chef’s Recommendations

Kaze-no-Tani no Pizza 1,200

Rasta Pizza1,400

Tandry Chicken Pizza 1,400

Omutako Rice 900

Chicken & Mushroom Curry 900

BEACH ROCK Salad 400

Gateau Chocolat 400

Soymilk Tapioca Pudding 400

Brown Sugar Parfait with Rice Dumpling Topping 500

Organic Coffee 450

Cereal Coffee 400

Ishigaki Passion 500

Orion Draft Beer 600

We serve a wide selection of dishes other than the above. We look forward to your visit.

Party Plan

We can offer any type of party, such as the drinking parties of close friends, birthday parties, welcome parties, and wedding ceremonies. Please do not hesitate to contact us for any inquiries regarding party plans.


All-you-can-drink + Appetizers ¥2,000

Reasonable and easygoing!


All-you-can-drink + BBQ 3,000

Let’s party in natural surroundings!


*Available from 4 persons

*Advance reservation only. Please make a reservation at least 1 day in advance.

<Party options>

Whole Roasted Pig 40,000~ (Requires reservation at least 3 days in advance)

Birthday Cake 2,000~







Now that you have come to Okinawa, and to BEACH ROCK VILLAGE, why not just have fun? We provide a variety of extraordinary hands-on experiences from one-day activities to camping and workshops in which participants stay for several days; all of which will help you enjoy your stay, to your heart’s content!

Please make a reservation in advance by email: [email protected]



Horse Trekking

Let’s gallop along the mountains and the sea of Okinawa on a horseback!! Since you pilot the horse by yourself, you will be thrilled and excited! There are also instructors for beginners. It is hosted by Mumin Bokujo ranch, which is located next to BEACK ROCK VILLAGE.

<Hours of Operation> 10:00~18:00



¥20,000 + 525 (Insurance) + ,000 (Rental fees for gear, inc. boots) (Tax included)

[Special Price] Only for those staying at BEACH ROCK VILLEGE!

17,000 + 525 (Insurance) + 1,000 (Rental fees, inc. boots) (Tax included)


Children of primary school age or younger are applied the same price whether it's a one-day visit or an overnight stay. 

13,000 + 525 (Insurance) + 1,000 (Rental fees inc. boots) (Tax included)


River Trekking to Hidden Waterfall

Don’t you want to feel the dynamic subtropical nature of Okinawa in your bones? You will be trekking through a mountain stream toward the basin of a waterfall while embraced by sunlight through the trees, and negative ions.

<Hours of Operation> 9:00~14:00

<Price> 4,500 (Tax included)

*Price includes the fees for lunch and rental marine boots


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